Jan 23, 2013

Helloooo , my blog !

The family. <3

The photo they prepareee. :)

The bestieeees ever. <3. 

Tuesday 22.1.2013 is a busy & happier day ever.
You know why?
Because I got 2 period of maths and 2 period of prinsip akaun that day.
Use alot of my energy loooo.
Not only this. And Malay activity after school till 430.
Then.. 530 Malay tuition with Karmun Yikmun & Seokkuan till 7pm.
What's a busy day right?
Butt after 7pm, that's my best memory ever!
They come to my house and give me a big surpriseeees.
Damn. I'm kinda shock and very touched at the moment.
Thanks guy for everythingssss. Really appreciate for itttttttt. :)
Thanks Shichyi Karmun Seokkuan for the Starbucks bottle.
Bottle is love :) <3.
Of course, you guys is love too ! (;
And thanks Suki for planning thissss.
Thanks Yikmun, Jingrong & Ahpeng for decorate my room and the balloons.
" Seng fu saiiiii." :P
Ahpeng , sorry for the pimples yea. LOL HAHA
This birthday is so meaningful to meee.
Luckily I still have you guysss. :)
I will forget all the sad thingsssss.
I promiseeee. :)

<3 !

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